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Our guests are welcome to have an overview about our holiday-flats and much more of Herrenhaus Samow.


The Samow mansion comes from 1658 and received its current classic form in 1810. It is located in a spacious landscape park. In the park you will find an island with a wide moat around it. This is where the fortress was in the 12th century. Now there is a pavillion that you can reach through a dock. The guests have large rooms available: a garden room with a library, music room with a piano and a gentleman's room with a fireplace. For nature lovers, there is a stork, the crane and a lot more. The holiday guest can go hiking, paddling, rowing, fishing, horse riding and in the nearby area you can play golf and tennis. 2 km away you can reach the lake by bicycle on the path, or somewhat further, the sea.


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The property is located in a landscape with a lot of lakes. It is not far to the Baltic Sea or the lake district. The beautiful wide land invites you to go on excursions and tours of farms, churches or museums. For example, the Barlach Atelier in Güstrow or the Bernstein museums in Ribnitz-Damgarten. In the entire area you can enjoy the classic festivals in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. There are stables around for horse riding. You can get training or you can go on trekking excursions. You can bring your own horse, there is a box available.


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